Gift Voucher Arts in Rome

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<h3 style=”text-align: center;”><strong>ARTS IN ROME, FIGURATIVE ART SCHOOL IN ROME, ITALY<br /> Courses, Workshops e Seminars are based on the Academic Method of Drawing, Painting and Illustration.  THE GIFT OF MAKING!  <img src=”” alt=”buono regalo arts in rome” itemprop=”image” height=”800″ width=”800″ /> <h1 style=”text-align: center;” data-content-field=”title”>Arts in Rome Gift Voucher</h1>…

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Academic Drawing Workshop

arts in rome; disegno accademico

ONLY 5 SEATS AVAIBLE! Sign Up until 20th of December 2017Countdown Arts in Rome proposes to its members the Academic Drawing Workshop based on the Bargue Method. Three days together to learn how to draw from life to create a high-level academic design. What is the Bargue Method? In this workshop,…

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Narrative Painting Course: from Idea to the Paint

BECAUSE ARTIST’S NEEDS THE COURSE HAS BEEN CANCELED Arts in Rome is pleased to present the Narrative Painting Course with Nicola Verlato from January to June (once a week) to learn how to develop the Idea and make it a Pittorean Opera. To participate in the Workshop you must be…

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Master di Disegno per Tatuatori

  Only for Italian students MASTER DI TATUAGGIO ARTISTICO Arts in Rome propone il Master di Disegno di Tatuaggi con Gianluca Garofalo ◊ per sviluppare la creatività ◊ per disegnare tatuaggi unici e di inventiva personale ◊ per creare il proprio stile offrendo l’opportunità agli allievi di imparare a disegnare a mano libera,…

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