Life Painting Classical Portrait by David Gray

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Life Painting Classical Portrait David Gray

Arts in Rome is immensely pleased to receive internationally renowned award-winning artist, David Gray, who will come to teach his remarkable oil painting techniques at our school. To enjoy the Workshop you need to be a Member of Arts in Rome Cultural Association. Read below how.

The Teaching Program:

In the workshops, David teach the application of the painting medium as he apply it in his own professional work. 11728755_1028469477193746_2559014502579366781_oThough I strive to keep the class fun and upbeat, we move fast and cover a LOT of material in a short amount of time.  It’s really going to benefit the student who has a firm grasp of drawing and oil painting basics. You will also have the opportunity (and be expected) to apply the lessons on your own painting.  Regardless of subject matter the schedule generally follows this sequence:

Day 1 Underdrawing and Underpainting. David teach methods and thought processes of how to construct the underlying drawing of your subject on your painting support (your canvas or panel). We will also apply a thin layer of oil color onto the drawing in preparation for day two.

 Day 2 Overpainting — This is the real business of painting where David show you how to paint your subject region by region; bringing each area to a finish before moving on. Among other things we will discuss paint handling, basic color mixing and turning form.

 Day 3 Glazing and Continuing the Overpainting. On this day David will show you how to glaze and make minor adjustments as necessary. We will also continue to work on the overpainting.

 Other Days –plus day classes (noted on the schedule at left) will cover the same material a little more slowly and comprehensively.

 In addition students are encouraged to ask any other questions applicable to the art making process. In past workshops David has discussed other items such as: composition, how to take good photo reference material, the importance of drawing/painting from life, personal art making philosophy, and many other related topics.

Material List (not included in the Price) ⇒ David Gray Portrait Workshop Materials List.doc (1134 downloads)

The Course will be held in Rome, Italy. Why?tn_20160226_095449

For years students go to Rome to Study Art, Sculpture, Painting, Architectures and Fine Art. We are immersed in! The goal of Arts in Rome is to harmonize Art Workshops and Lectures On Site at Museums & Galleries giving you a deep knowledge of The Arts. Drawing Lessons, Study thanks to Historian the Masterpieces of the Ancient History and more.

Scheduled Workshop:

  • 6 Days of Portrait Painting from Life
  • Visit Museums and Lecture On Site with David

Date:             26 June – 1st July 2017
Duration:     6 days – 09:00/15:00
Instructor:   David Gray
Location:     Arts in Rome, Roma (Italy)

What is included:

  • Intensive Art Course in Studio
  • Lectures at Museums
  • Museums and Galleries fees
  • Art Studio at Rome Center, Roma

The course is limited and a minimum number of 5 participants up to a maximum of 10.

The points summarized in this program are indicative and may vary from time to time depending on the speed of learning of the students and the time available.  The program may be subject to variations.


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Painting the Classical Portrait from Life with David Gray
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