Academic Drawing Workshop

arts in rome; disegno accademico

Arts in Rome proposes to its members the Academic Drawing Workshop based on the Bargue Method. Three days together to learn how to draw from life to create a high-level academic design. What is the Bargue Method? In this workshop, students will be introduced to the methods of nineteenth century classical…

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Portrait Pastel Workshop with Cuong Nguyen

Arts in Rome will receive internationally renowned artist, Cuong Nguyen, who will come to teach Portrait in Pastel technique at our School on 25-26-27 May 2018. To enjoy the Workshop you need to be a Member of Arts in Rome Cultural Association. Read below how. Scheduled Workshop: Date:        25-26-27 May…

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Life Painting Workshop with Pau Marinello

Workshop pau marinello arts in rome pittura

Arts in Rome, the Figurative Art School in Rome, proposes to its members the Painting Workshop with Pau Marinello who will come to teach his remarkable oil painting techniques at our school. Three days together to learn how the Professional Painters works! Three days together to create your Painting! The Teaching Program:…

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Life Drawing Rome – 6th December 2016 – Ana

BOOKING REQUIRED Arts in Rome offers the Life Drawing Class every Tuesday from 19:00 to 21:00 for anyone who wanted to practice with drawing, painting or other pictorial and creative techniques with Life Drawing Models. Tuesday, November 8, 2016 will pose SARAH, young, smooth blond hair, face very sweet and great…

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Gallery Pastel Workshop 2016

Arts in Rome organizes the Intensive Pastel Workshop with Vicente Romero on 15-25 Septermber 2016. The Workshops is based on Life Model Drawings and painting with Pastels. There are inlcuded Lectures on Museums and Galleries for a deep knowledge of Rome Art and Masterpieces.

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Gallery Drawing Anatomy Workshop

Master di Specializzazione DISEGNO ANATOMICO

Corso di Anatomia Umana presso Arts in Rome a Luglio 2016. L’utilizzo di tale approccio geometrico-strutturale nello studio dell’anatomia consente di raggiungere una sempre maggiore padronanza della figura al punto da poterla visualizzare prima ancora di disegnarla compiendo così un fondamentale lavoro di prefigurazione che permette di riscoprire e ritrovare…

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Architectural Drawing Workshop

Lectii de Desen Rome Workshop

  February 10-11-12, 2017 Hours 09:00 – 17:00 Rome, Italy The course is constructed as a comprehensive starter pack for people interested in drawing from life as an architect. This implies a good understanding of perspective and three-dimensional geometry combined with a relaxed sketch-like quality of rendering. The attendees will be taught in an…

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Life Drawing Classes

Arts in Rome offers the Life Drawing Classes, without teacher nor lesson, but we arrangement our space, Models and Plaster Sculptures for practicing. Are welcome even those which are already Professional Artists and do not want only to draw but also paint. The Academy provides human anatomy books, handouts to…

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The Capitoline She-Wolf

Entering in the Capitoline Museum you could get in touch with the Real History of Rome, with its remains and proofs of the most important city of the Ancient Times. Of course, the museum hosts many archeological works of art, but there is just one which could describe all the…

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