Academic Drawing Workshop

arts in rome; disegno accademico

Arts in Rome proposes to its members the Academic Drawing Workshop based on the Bargue Method. Three days together to learn how to draw from life to create a high-level academic design. What is the Bargue Method? In this workshop, students will be introduced to the methods of nineteenth century classical…

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Arts in Rome proposes the Drawing Course divided in Quarters to learn the Base of the Drawing finalized to the professionalization in the field of the Illustration, Animation, Concept Art, Free Sketch, Sketch for Book industry, Sketch for Journalistic Headings, etc… You will have the possibility both to follow the whole Annuality…

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Gallery Life Drawing at Gipsoteca

Arts in Rome often organizes 3-hour Life Drawing at the Gipsoteca of La Sapienza, Rome. Here you can draw from life the Sculptures in Plaster on site for Free. Want to work on the Draw from Life but never find the time? Do you want to try to draw the…

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Drawing Annual Course with Saverio Tenuta

Corso di Disegno Specialistico di Saverio Tenuta

Art in Rome offers for its Members the Drawing Annual Course with Saverio Tenuta (profile) at Rome Academy of Art. It starts from the study of the Human Figure, Form and Structure, Composition and Background to the Projectuality and Images Development. The course is divided into four steps, which include the…

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