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Arts in Rome

Drawing, Painting, Illustration and Digital

Arts in Rome is a highly specialized school dedicated to teaching drawing, painting and digital art with methods derived from classical tradition up to the study of modern tools, such as PC, 3D software, and digital.
The philosophy of the school, which is at the base of its teaching method, requires a return to the direct study of nature and the ancient masters as the foundation and reference point of all artistic knowledge.

Learning to draw and paint with method is useful for those who want to take a professional path, as well as for hobby.

The Arts in Rome Cultural Association was founded September 2015 in Rome by Bianca Maria Scrugli and Giampiero Abate with the aim to teach Belle Arti again, starting from the tradition of Italian Pictorial Culture and the Old Masters, following the figurative style that is now lost.
The opening of the school was determined by the fact that both Bianca and Giampiero, being passionate about Figurative Art, desired a school where they could learn to draw and paint in an academic style in Rome.  From there, the choice of creating a training center that implemented classical artistic teaching and specialized in Figurative Art was made to resume the development and application of contemporary artistic languages for those passionate about beginning or refining their craft.

During the year the Association has developed very quickly and today boasts more than 300 members who follow and are loyal. The critical purpose of the Association is the educational proposal that offers both teaching and insertion in the national and international art market.

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Join our association and become part of a large Italian community of Figurative Art

The Goals of the Association

Promote and disseminate knowledge of Italian artistic heritage in Italy and abroad, favoring accessibility and usability

Raise awareness among students about the importance of knowledge of different languages ​​to give them the opportunity to deal with artists from all over the world

Promote and promote all activities aimed at supporting the processes of integration and cultural mediation, social inclusion and generational exchange

Implement Classical Art with Contemporary Art using modern means such as photography, computers, 3D programs, graphic tablets, digital programs.

Creation of a collection of figurative artistic works acquired by living artists with the aim of creating a Gallery of Contemporary Figurative Art

Develop the art market expanding the theme of collecting and usability of works of art; train students and give them all the information necessary to embark on an artist’s career

Promote the teaching of self-marketing and marketing to students, in particular young people, and the use of social media

We also organize cultural activities such as exhibitions, meetings, seminars and many activities that have the purpose dictated by our Statute Cultural Association Arts in Rome