Roma TrastevereTo make an easy stay in Rome during the Art Classes, Arts in Rome has a Partnership with Coolways Holidays s.r.l. for some shared Apartments in Rome City Center, in the area called Trastevere, a cheerful and lively district full of nice sounds, fine fragrances and great food.

The 2-3 bedroom apartments are fully furnished and supplied with equipment for cooking, dining and laundry facilities, WiFi open Internet connection, TVAir-Conditioning, Weekly cleaning service, as well. Just 15 minutes’ walk from the Coliseum.

Some of the apartments, for example, are located in a historic building of 1800, completely restored.
The apartments are 2/4 beds, composed of a living room, a spacious room decorated in a modern and comfortable; a bathroom and a kitchen; WiFi connection, TV,

The basic solution is a shared bedroom in apartment with shared bathroom and kitchen, but you can request a Private Room with an additional fee.

About Trastevere

From: https://www.airbnb.it/locations/rome/trastevere

This on-the-river neighborhood rises with the sun and never slows down.
Cobblestone pathways wind through Trastevere’s ivy-covered trattorias and weathering apartments, while umbrella-shaded outdoor cafes line alleyways filled with tattoo shops and microbreweries.
By day, Trastevere exudes subtle sophistication as occupants count the legs on their wine glasses.
As evening approaches, street performers, scruffy poets, bearded skateboarders, and exuberant merry-makers flood Trastevere’s countless clubs, bars, and piazzas in fits of reckless abandon and indiscreet enthusiasm.


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