There are several ways to get to the University of Washington Rome Center. If you are asking for walking directions to the UWRC, ask where Piazza del Biscione 95 is. Romans are not familiar with the name of our school and also not with the historic name of our building (Palazzo Pio).


Leonardo da Vinci airport is Rome’s main airport. It is located in the nearby town of Fiumicino, and for this reason the airport is also called “Fiumicino”. It is usually abbreviated (on plane tickets) as “FCO”. The only other airport in Rome is located in the town of Ciampino and is used by low cost airlines such as Ryanair and Easy Jet.


There is a flat rate for taxi service between Fiumicino and the historic center of Rome: €48 for a City of Rome cab, €60 euros for a City of Fiumicino cab). This rate is applicable regardless of time of day, number of passengers, and quantity of luggage. Make sure that you have exact change ready and that you and your luggage are out of the taxi before you pay the driver. Please be forewarned that drivers often try to charge more (as much as 100+ euros). Licensed taxis are located at the taxi rank as you exit the airport – never use any of the “pirate taxi” drivers who approach travellers inside the airport offering their services.

Tell your driver our address: PIAZZA DEL BISCIONE 95 and you may also want to add that it is on the (angolo [corner of] Campo de’ Fiori).


The most convenient way to get to the Rome Center is to book a car and driver in advance. Contact us by email [email protected] at least 3 business days in advance with your flight itinerary. The cost is €40 for up to 2 people and €45 for up to 4 people; €5 surcharge between 11 pm and 5 am. Please note that no-shows and cancellations with less than 24-hour business day notice will need to be paid.


The least expensive option is to take a “shuttle-train” from the airport to the Trastevere train station (“Stazione Trastevere”) which runs about every half hour from 6 am to midnight. Go upstairs from where you come out of baggage claim and follow signs for the area where the trains leave to go into Rome. There is a ticket booth where you can buy tickets, but be sure to tell them that you are going to the Trastevere train station, rather than the main one (Stazione Termini), because it costs half the price, € 8.00.

When you get to the Trastevere train station, you can take the #8 tram directly to Largo Argentina (which is also the tram’s last stop). You can buy bus tickets at the train station’s newsstand, and the tram stop is just across the parking lot on the left. The tram will go straight up a big street (Viale Trastevere), which crosses the river and then stops at Largo Argentina. From Largo Argentina it is about a 5-block walk to the Rome Center. Going to the Trastevere train station is less chaotic than going to the main train station, where you are also left quite a way out on the tracks. (The Trastevere train station also has taxis waiting out front. A cab from there to the Rome Center shouldn’t cost more than about € 8.00).


The Terravision or Sit Shuttle bus service will take you from the airport to Termini Station (directions from the train station appear below). Prices, time tables, and reservations can all be found on their websites at www.terravision.it or www.sitbusshuttle.com.


All trains bound for Rome will stop at Roma Termini, Rome’s central train station (with the exception of a few very early morning trains which may stop only at Roma Tiburtina). Exit the train station through the main, front entrance that faces a piazza filled with city buses (not the side entrances which let out onto Via G. Giolitti or Via Marsala). From here (Piazza dei Cinquecento), you can get a taxi or take a bus to the Rome Center.

If you choose to take a cab, be sure to walk to the front of the area where the white, licensed taxis line up (or stand in line if there is a wait). Do not accept offers from drivers who approach you as you exit the station, since they are most likely not licensed and may charge high rates. Legitimate cabs will have a visible meter and a rate sheet posted inside the car. Tell the driver the address of the Palazzo Pio, PIAZZA DEL BISCIONE 95. The price should not be more than € 13.00.

If you choose to take the bus, you will need to purchase a bus ticket BEFORE you board. Tickets cost €1.50 and are sold at most tobacco shops, as well as the newsstand in the piazza near the taxi area. Validate your ticket on board by inserting it in the time-stamp machine. Two buses that leave from the Piazza dei Cinquecento will get you close to the Rome Center: the 64 and the 40. The 64 will stop near Piazza S. Andrea della Valle, which is a short walk from the Rome Center. Ask someone to point you in the direction of Piazza del Biscione. The 40 is an express bus which makes fewer stops, but will drop you off a little farther away from the Rome Center, at Largo Argentina. Both the 64 and the 40 are often very crowded. Stay alert for pickpockets and keep an eye on your luggage.


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