graduation cap diploma isolated on a white backgroundArts in Rome is committed to making higher education in Fine Art accessible to Students from  all backgrounds worldwide. The awarding of the scholarship takes into consideration not only the economic conditions of the students but also their academic performances and motivations;

Late applications or applications submitted for a later round will not be taken into consideration. Scholarships will be awarded by a Commission whose decision is unquestionable and final: no appeals will be considered. Awardees will be informed of assignment shortly after admission in Arts in Rome by e-mail;

The evaluation will primarily be  based on the candidate’s need for aid, however, the candidates academic achievements will also be taken into consideration. The complete dossier provided to the Admissions office will be evaluated.

Students can apply for other scholarships and they will be taken into consideration for all financial aid for which they apply, however, students can only receive one scholarship.

The link to 2016-2017 Arts in Rome Scholarships for International Students Application Requirements and Regulations  is available below.

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