November 2018 – May 2019


Every Thursday from 5pm to 8pm


Valentina Fiore Perla


Monthly 150 €

The Course of Drawing & Digital Coloring is a training course that is divided into a Semester and will give the basics on how to create a digital illustration. The course will develop on a common basis for all students, starting from how to draw an illustration in digital and how to color it, giving a general idea of ​​the various coloring techniques (watercolor, tempera, retini, etc.), and then look for singularly his own identity with the type of color and his technique.


For the teaching of digital coloring techniques, students will be provided with illustrations created by other artists who will have to color; in a second moment they will be able to decide which technique is best suited to their way of drawing in order to create their complete work at the end of the year. The following topics will be addressed: the dpi and their importance in creating illustrations to print, CLIP STUDIO PAINT and PHOTOSHOP; French technique, American technique, realistic technique. Students must have a computer with Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint installed and a tablet already installed.


Parallel to the lessons of illustration, the School provides Seminars and Meetings to explain the work of the Illustrator at 360 ° (ideas, new trends, experimentation, supports, knowledge of contemporary artists, hubs of artists and professions related to it, etc …) directly from the professionals in the relevant sectors.


To access the course it is not necessary any specific qualification but an orientation interview with vision of the drawings by the school organizers, without any commitment. It is recommended to be at least 17 years old (prior to interview with parents).


Illustrators for newspapers, illustrators for books (children and adults), illustrators for advertising graphics, illustrators for CDs, playing cards, posters, participation in international contests, etc … the work of the illustrator is very heterogeneous.


At the time of registration to the Cultural Association a confirmation e-mail will be sent which will allow you to take advantage of discounts at the Fine Arts Shops. Discounts to access the Bologna Fair. New partnerships will be updated on the School Notice Board.

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