Painting Workshop: as Velazquez did


Kike Meana Rome Workshop - As Velazquez DidArts in Rome is thrilling to announce the Painting Workshop “as Velazquez did” with Kike Meana on February 2017, spanish art teacher with twenty years of exeprience in teaching tecniques of the Ancient Masters.
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Workshop Program:

Date: 16-19 February 2017
Duration: 4 Days – 09:00/18:00
Tutor:   Kike Meana
Where:  Arts in Rome, Roma (Italy)
Language:  English, Espanol, italiano

No doubt, the Spaniard Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velázquez is one of the most important figures in the history of painting. Its innovative brushwork and his direct way of painting were revolutionary, creating in his works a sense of energy and atmosphere that brought many of his contemporaries to argue that while the other painted art, Velázquez painting “the truth”. Since its rediscovery in the early nineteenth century, Velázquez and his method have inspired countless young artists, from Manet and the Impressionists, through Whistler, Sorolla, Sargent and many, many others.

Teaching Programmenippo

In this Workshop we will face not only the painting technique of Velazquez but also
the pictorial foundation of past masters who, for the most part, was heavily influenced by him. The techniques of the great masters have a common matrix in their procedures such as development, the materials and techniques that over time have become blurred until nowadays with their almost disappeared; only the remains of some old treaties, and of course of their work. We will work on the reproduction of  “Menippo” by Velasquez.

And only with the help of restorers and new technologies that we know today something more of the techniques of the ancient mysterious masters, although we have not reached all the knowledge but we were able to get close enough.

I Day: visit at Doria Pamphili Gallery to see the true portrait of Pope Innocent X.
The afternoon will carry out the design on the canvas of the painting to be played and you will give a first coat of color called “grisaille”
II Day: It begins to paint thanks to adding glazes whites
III Day: It will continue adding enamels other colors creating the nuances of the face and draping
IV Day: It will continue to paint the picture and the painting will end with small details


galleria-doria-panphiliThe objective of the workshop will teach the technique and the materials he used Velazquez thanks to a teacher demonstration Kike Meana in the first place and then the implementation by the students who will learn to handle the materials, tools and processes such as painting in its different steps, the completion of the design, the grisaille painting glazes until arriving at the final phase of the artwork.


  • Intensive Art Course in Studio
  • Art Studio at Rome Center, Roma
  • Galleria Doria Panphili Ticket
  • Subscription to Arts in Rome Association

Material List

Attached the Material List. It is not included in the Price.

Number of participants:

The course is limited and a minimum number of 5 participants up to a maximum of 10.
The points summarized in this program are indicative and may vary from time to time depending on the speed of learning of the students and the time available.

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