“Alla Prima” Portrait Painting Workshop by Amy Moseley


4 Days “Alla Prima” Oil Painting Workshop

The aim of the workshop is to applying the principles with a Live Model, working with Proportion, Measurements and the Colour Theory. Amy will be on hand to remind people and demonstrate each step in front of the class. For this workshop we will be working with a live model for closer inspection and understand the colours and forms of the Human Body.

To enjoy the Workshop you need to be a Member of Arts in Rome Cultural Association.

How does you become a Member of Arts in Rome?

The Cultural Association will register the Participant as a Member to the annual cost of 10 € Una Tantum that will give the opportunity to participate in all the free events that will be proposed during the year; we are very active in the area and often offer events such as Design at the Gipsoteca (totally for free), Guided Tours of Exhibitions in Rome, Cultural and Educational Events inside the Association itself. IMPORTANT: To become a member you must complete and submit two days before the Event which wants to participate the form below and send it by email to [email protected] that the Association has time to approve your request.

Modulo di Iscrizione all’Associazione Arts in Rome (5 download) 

Teaching program

Day 1 – Raw umber underpainting. Starting with a short sight-size demonstration, students will then complete a morning and an afternoon underpainting from two different models. There will also be a materials discussion in the afternoon.

Day 2 – A short colour demonstration. Working on top of the previous days under paintings, students will then proceed to paint the models ‘Alla prima’ in the sight-size technique.

Day 3 – Students will start two new paintings, a morning and an afternoon painting, this time with less of an underpainting, and working directly in colour.

Day 4 – Students will start two new paintings for the final day. All painting will be in the sight-size technique.

arts in rome, alla prima workshop, art course, corso alla prima Materials list

  1. 6 Gesso primed wooden panels, 25cm x 30cm, or similar size.
  2. Flesh palette – Flake/lead white, yellow ochre, vermillion, light red, ivory black
  3. A good number of hog and sable brushes
  4. Palette – atleast A4 size
  5. Turpentine
  6. Medium – basic option, Walnut oil, or cold pressed lindseed oil. Advanced option – Ruben’s medium (Sun-thickened linseed oil, canada balsam, turpentine, empty jar with lid) the instructor will demonstrate how to make this medium during the first day.

The studio is equipped with easels and work stations to make it more convenient for the students to organise their materials and focus on their work.