Academic Drawing Workshop

Arts in Rome proposes to its members the Academic Drawing Workshop based on the Bargue Method.
Three days together to learn how to draw from life to create a high-level academic design.

What is the Bargue Method?

In this workshop, students will be introduced to the methods of nineteenth century classical realist master, Charles Bargue.

A French painter and lithographer, Bargue developed a drawing course consisting of 197 lithographic plates based on plaster casts, drawings by master artists, and live models. Bargue’s Cours de Dessin, published in the 1860’s, was widely used in Academies and French state schools to prepare aspiring artists for further study. It was designed to teach classical methods of portrait and figure drawing, taking students through all the steps needed to understand and produce the aesthetics embodied in classical art.

These fifteen hours of instruction will involve teacher demos, combined with supervised hands-on application by the students. Drawings will start with measuring for accurate placement, proportion and construct. The block-in of the form will be developed into a pattern of light and shadow. Then using veils of tone, the drawing will be rendered to a fine finish. We will cover the Classical Order of Light to understand what values mean in relation to creation the illusion of three-dimensional form. Students will be shown how to judge shapes and values correctly, both of which are fundamental skills that can be transposed into any medium and subject matter. Note that the same principle applies to still life, portraiture, figure, and landscape.

Fast Information:

  • Start Date 20-21 January 2018arts in rome disegno accademico
  • Saturday and Sunday 10:00 AM – 18:30 PM
  • packed lunch (30 minutes)
  • Teacher: Alessandro Duprè
  • Arts in Rome, Figurative Art School at Via Pasquale Villari 1, Roma
  • maximum 10 students
  • Language Tuition: English and Italian

Only 5 seats avaible! max 10 students

MATERIALS (non included)

  • for drawing
    o          (charcoal) fusaggine
    o          pencil 2H, HB, 2B
    o          laquer
    o          bread gum
    o          drawing paper Canson de Miteintes smooth 50×60 cm
    o          sand paper


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