Academic Charcoal Workshop with Vicente Romero Redondo


Vicente Romero Redondo Charcoal Workshop Rome

Arts in Rome offers the Charcoal Workshop with Vicente Romero Redondo on 25-27 November 2016. The Workshop is based on Plaster Casts Drawings with Charcoal.

Why is a charcoal statues workshop necessary?

“The reason is to induce the students to get the proper discipline to achieve an imperative technical level.

The majority of students attending our workshops, considering that you are advanced amateurs willing to know our personal way of painting, you can benefit of this variety of points of view which will be very fruitful for your training. But most of you are sharing a common problem, a basic deficiency limiting you to get the most of our teachings. This problem is called “tonal variation”, and I know by my own experience, that almost none of you are aware of its great importance. The best and the simplest way to achieve this “mastery of tones” is by means of drawing plaster statues with a charcoal technique.” Vicente Romero cit.


The tone is the amount of light that is in a color, in other words, which of clear or dark level has. Being able to
distinguish and accurately represent these tonal variation is one of the foundations of painting. It’s the Art of mastering grey-scaletones, as in music; the coincidence is not accidental. 

If we extract only the tone and let’s put aside the color, the pitch is reduced to be able to interpret the visual key reality of a gray scale that goes from white to black through the almost infinite amount of gray that the human eye is able to differentiate. It is this reduction to black and white, without the confusion that can introduce the presence of color, the best pedagogical method to understand how the light is distributed in a real image.

That’s why the Academies of Fine Arts have always chosen the drawing method of plaster statues with charcoal as the best way to tackle the problem of Art mastering tones. And that no one would question, without mastery of tones there is no harmony.


  •  Charcoal pencils (soft, medium, and hard)Vicente Romero Redondo Charcoal Workshop Rome
  •  Nero pencils (soft, medium, and hard)
  •  Monolith solid pencil-size sticks of pure graphite (6B and 9B)
  •  Grades of compressed charcoal
  •  Willow charcoal sticks
  •  Charcoal block
  •  Kneaded eraser
  •  Paper blending stick

Supplies are not included in the Price



The duration is 3 days from 25 – 27 November 2016;

  • Friday: 09:00 – 18:00 (1 hour lunch)
  • Saturday: 09:00 – 18:00 (1 hour lunch)
  • Sunday: 09:00 – 18:00 (1 hour lunch)

below the Video that illustrates the methodology

Number of participants:

The course is limited and a minimum number of 5 participants up to a maximum of 20.
The points summarized in this program are indicative and may vary from time to time depending on the speed of learning of the students and the time available.

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