Painting Workshop with Vicente Romero

Arts in Rome, the Figurative Art School in Rome, proposes to its members the Painting Workshop with Vicente Romero; the aim of the workshop will be to create your own Painting starting from the photo shoot of the Life Model setting lights, drapes and colors in a harmonious way up to the reproduction and interpretation of the painting itself. Three days together to learn how the Professional Painters works.

arts in rome vicente romero oil painting dipingere ad olio

Three days together to create your Painting!

Teaching Program

  • This workshop will feature a Life Model the first half day, and Vicente will demonstrate his own techniques to sketch the composition from life, set up the photo set and  and make the best photo shoot. Students will learn to use an approach that helps them see the big shapes first, and then go into details towards the end of the session.
  • In the afternoon students starts to sketch the Photo on Canvas with Charcoal and Vicente starts with the introduction of Oil Colours Theory, how to mix it and how to use Mediums.
  • Others two-day workshop will continue the painting with oil colours. Studying how to mix colours, how to create a deep impact of the subject and how to put toghether colours in harmony. Demonstrations and individual attention will be emphasized, enabling each student to produce a finished artwork by workshop completion.

Scheduled Workshop:

Date:           11-12-13 May 2018
Duration:      3 days – Friday 09:00/15:00 + Saturday 09:00/19:00 + Sunday 09:00/17:00
(30 minutes lunch time)

Tutor:    Vicente Romero Redondo
Location:      Arts in Rome, Roma (Italy)
Language:    Italiano, Francais, Espanol, English

Those who enroll in this course?

Whom wants to learn how to use color, those who knows it but wants to deepen the technique, those who want to learn the composition in a framework, those who want to learn to exaggerate the shadows and the lights and finally those who want to learn a technique fast but complete and effect as the Oil Painting.


This workshop is designed to create a relaxed, informative, yet focused working environment for all skill levels. The core of the lesson will be based on drawing, values, edges, composition and creating tone color. Students will focus on the fundamentals of painting and composition while developing new skills in oil painting.

What is included:

  • Intensive Art Course in Studio
  • Art Studio at Rome Center near Colosseo
  • Model Fee
  • all the material necessary for the photo shoot
  • Diploma


Soon the Material List and tips!
Canvas + bases oil colours + medium + Liquin + Cahrcoal

Number of participants:

The course is limited and a minimum number of 7 participants up to a maximum of 15.
The points summarized in this program are indicative and may vary from time to time depending on the speed of learning of the students and the time available.


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