The Story – Human Anatomy Drawing Workshop by Prof. Palumbo

tn_20160221_172304The Art Studio site in Trastevere, optimum temperature despite the month of February, the high level of teaching, the Organization handled at the highest levels, Tourist Guide organized, precise and prepared and finally the Rome Museums beautiful as always; This was the Drawing Intensive Course of Human Anatomy


The mornings were all engaged with Guided Tours at the Museums with Gianluca Pica, The Tourist Guide, and Prof. Palumbo from a tour of the Colosseum and Roman Forum, the Galleria Borghese, Villa Farnesina, Palazzo Massimo, the Vatican City and finally the Drawing Lecture on site Gipsoteca.

It begins with visits to 09:00 the morning until 13:00, 1 hour of Lunch Break at ovens sites in Campo dei Fiori or the good fruit market “Rionale”, and the beginning of the drawing Lessons at 14:00; 2 hours of theoretical explanation until 16:00; arrival of the Model male/female and Life Drawing until 20:00.


The design of the treated themes were many; most of the students had never drawn from life but only copied from prints, photos or other designs. At first it was difficult, but by the second day, drawing from the plaster busts kindly provided by Felice Calchi, the hand has melted.

The next day we are dedicated to the study of the skeleton, thanks to our friend “Eddy”!



The course provides for the Study of the Myology, the Movement as well as identification of shadows and lights until you get to draw the model from Life with poses of 5 minutes up to 30 minutes. It is great achievement for those who want to learn to draw, starting from bases.


Arts in Rome will propose a path similar to July in Rome with Prof. Palumbo with a Specific Module adaptable to Base Level & Intermediates.

The modules provide a practicing continuity thanks to the events proposed by our association.

It was a fantastic event and the greatest satisfaction was seeing the students create the conscious and detailed Human Figure Drawing.


See you soon!tn_20160222_134121