Life Drawing Lesson by Antonio Finelli – 29th November 2015

Sunday morning. Wonderful sunny day and temperate climate in Rome. At 09:30 AM we were in Vicolo dell’Atleta in Trastevere to fix the Study and prepare easels, lights, chairs, pencils and anything else for the lesson of Life Drawing with Antonio Finelli.

arts in rome Roma Trastevere Studio Arte
Arts in Rome – Studio in Trastevere per la Lezione di Disegno dal Vero

Studio ready, Students arrived Model to place and Antonio Finelli begins the lesson. Where does it start?

Lezione Disegno dal vero Antonio Finelli Arts in Rome
Introduzione al Disegno dal vero con Modella

At first all is very complicated; it is not reproduced by a copy, then in two dimensions, but from life. Antonio, who has much experience in teaching, explains where to start. Primarily he explains and demonstrates how to frame the picture in the paper with simple schematization of forms. For example, a head will be represented by a rectangle, or bust a large triangle and so on … then to switch to depict the detail making up the muscles, light and shadow.

Lezione di Disegno dal vero

The morning is run fast and the model greets us. Have been four hours non-stop! Let’s go get a good piece of pizza with mortadella in the bakery in front of the Studio !!!

It starts with the lesson of the afternoon with the Male Model. The results can already be seen … the students have already become familiar with the three-dimensionality.

Lezione di Disegno dal vero
Disegnando dal Vero il Modello aggiungendo il chiaroscuro

It is 18:00 PM, it is evening and also the model greets us. It was a great day because in addition to having Drawn from life we ​​also enjoyed !!! This lesson has allowed many of the participants to train, but to achieve a good level is used a lot of practice and a lot of lessons. Follow for Upcoming Events. See you soon!

Arts in Rome