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Alessandra Carloni Arts in Rome Corso Street Art Murales

Create your Murales with Arts in Rome Art School

Arts in Rome, the Figurative Art School in Rome, proposes to its members the Street Art Course with Alessandra CarloniThree Months formula to learn how to create Murales and the major tecnique to made it.

The 3-month course includes large-scale canvas, a pictorial subject, which recalls the world of dreams and surreal and visionary reality, according to the technical and linguistic methods that are part of the typical street style illustrative.

The Street Art Course, how it works

Starting from this mode, we will think of a real and concrete object (ship, lighthouse, balloon, etc), which will be reproduced in the painting starting from photographic images; the setting of this object will be translated and placed, at the student’s choice of the course, in another landscape dimension thus transforming that real subject and concert into another reality, bearer of “other” meanings and stories.

We will start from a pencil graphic elaboration of the compositional idea of ​​the subject we want to represent, and of the content that we want to give, up to bring this image on the canvas, in acrylic or oil.

Each participant will have his own post and his own canvas; at the end of the course each student will have completed his own Murales that can be reused as a Portfolio to participate in national and international masonry competitions.

Hours & Duration

When: 06th February 2018 – 24th of April
At what time: every Tuesday 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Where: Arts in Rome, Via Pasquale Villari 1, Roma


  • search for photographic references
  • making sketches (composition, drawing, storytelling)
  • color proofs
  • explanation of the preparation of the supports and all the problems connected to it (painting a mural at night, humidity, ruined surface, size of the murals, etc ..)
  • how to solve the problems of image projection on large-scale surfaces and various techniques
  • starts with the own Murale

Is this the Course for Me?

It is the first course in Italy that teaches how to paint a Mural supported by an internationally renowned artist Alessandra Carloni. No special requirements are required other than the basic use of oil color or acrylic (of your choice). The course will take place over three months and all the techniques, processes and development of a mural will be explained starting from the basics.


  • Canvas
  • Oil / Acrylic colors (Acrylic blue, red, yellow, black, white or Oil Colours ultramarine blue, guarantee lacquer, ocher yellow, ivory black and titanium white, oil and turpentine)
  • Large brushes (called Pennellesse)
  • plastic cups and plates
  • pieces of cloth to clean the brushes


Alessandra Carloni Arts in Rome Corso Street Art MuralesAlessandra Carloni, was born in Rome in 1984, where she lives and works. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in 2008 with the chair of Celestino Ferraresi and graduated in 2013 in History of Contemporary Art, at the University “La Sapienza”. From 2009 he began his career as a painter and artist, exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions in galleries in Rome and other Italian cities, winning several prizes and competitions. In parallel, he began his career as a street artist, creating murals in Rome, Milan, Florence, Turin, Marsala, Sulmona, Savona, Venice, Rovigo, Luxembourg and Caserta and winning prizes and awards.




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