Study of the Human Anatomy and Art History visiting Rome Museums and its Masterpieces

Intensive Human Anatomy Drawing Course Carlo Alberto PalumboThe intensive Course of Life Drawing Human Anatomy aims to capture of the main dynamics of human anatomical arrangements in geometric-structural key.

The work of Life Drawing from plaster bust and from the living model allows the student to recognize the geometric structures of the human body. An understanding of the many plans that make and build the figure can recognize and draw more informed its many manifestations.

The use of this approach in the study of the geometric and structural allows to reach an ever greater mastery of the figure to the point that it is displayed before you even draw it thus fulfilling a fundamental job of foreshadowing that allows you to discover and rediscover the model of what model well known.

Each meeting includes a lecture of anatomic design phase followed by a workshop of drawing from life with statuary and living model and its correction of papers.

The Course will be held in Rome, Italy. Why?

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10 Days of Intensive Drawing with Human Skeleton, Myological and Life Models

€ 1.750


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For years students go to Rome to Study the Art, Sculpture, Painting, Architectures and Fine Art. We are immersed in! Its beauty can be seen in every corner, in every view. It is an open-air Museum and is full of Art Galleries which houses major sculptures and paintings dating back to the Ancient Roman Empire, throught to the Middle Ages, the Renaissance up to Contemporary Art. The goal of Arts in Rome is to armonize Art Workshops and Art History visiting in person Museums, Galleries and the Ancient Rome traveling through 2.000 years of history.

Art Course & Tour Program:

The duration of the Course is 10 days, and 60 hours of Drawing Course. Sunday 21th of February arrival to Rome, from Monday to Saturday is studied and visited Roma, Sunday rest and from Monday to Friday you continue with the Course and Tour. Thuesday 03th of March departure.

  • Sunday 21: arrival and check-in apartment
  • Monday 22: Morning: Colosseum & Roman Forum – Afternoon: Course at Studio
  • Tuesday 23: Morning: “Squares and Fountains” Tour (Quirinale, Trevi Fountain, Spagna Square and Trinità dei Monti Staircase, Pantheon, Navona Squares) – Afternoon: Course at Studio
  • Wednesday 24: Morning: The Borghese Gallery – Afternoon: 6 hours Course at Studio
  • Thuesday 25: Morning: Vatican City and Sistine Chapel – Afternoon: 6 hours Course at Studio
  • Friday 26: Morning: National Gallery of Modern Art – Afternoon: 6 hours Course at Studio
  • Saturday 27: Morning: Capitoline Museum and Campidoglio – Afternoon: 6 hours Course at Studio
  • Sunday 28: 6 hours Course at Studio
  • Monday 29: Morning: Visit Ancient Rome – Afternoon: 6 hours Course at Studio
  • Tuesday 01: Morning: visit Ancient Rome details – Afternoon: 6 hours Course at Studio
  • Wednesday 02: 6 hours Course at Studio and greetings
  • Thuesday 03: Check-out and Departure

The program may be subject to variations

Educational Program:

  • The life drawing – geometrical form and chiaroscuro
  • Introduction to anatomy
  • Principles of osteology ( rules and general dynamics for the structuring of the figure osteological )
  • Osteology ( axial skeleton and appendicular investigated in its entirety )
  • Joints and dynamic lines
  • Principles of epidemiology ( skeletal muscles and facial characteristics, types and basic mechanical )
  • Epidemiology ( function and volumetric development of the muscles of the main surface and deep muscles)
  • External morphology ( evidence bone and muscle in the external morphology , landmarks )
  • Work with the living model

Facilitated Payment for Membership

Painting Palette Arts in RomeThe Arts in Rome Association has always attention for its members, this allows for a facilitated method of payment for its Workshop, an aid, anyone who wants to participate in making spending less demanding.

Depending on the Workshop we give you a choice regarding their participation fee payments; we will require a deposit of 500 € per booking, then the next 3 payments with dates to be agreed and the remaining balance on the first day of the workshop.

Down payment it is including entry to the Association Arts in Rome, becoming a Membership. All members will benefit from the promotion.

Facility included

Plaster busts
1 Model Skeleton Natural Size
1 Miological Model
Black Pastels
Red Crayons
Pencil Sharpener
Pouncing Paper

Number of participants:

The course is limited and a minimum number of 6 participants up to a maximum of 40.

The points summarized in this program are indicative and may vary from time to time depending on the speed of learning of the students and the time available.

Subscription Fees and What is included:

The Subscription Fees is € 1.750 and the Deadline is 15th Genuary 2016, including:

  • Intensive Art Course in the Studio in Rome Center
  • Rome City Certified Tourist Guide
  • Museums and Galleries fees
  • Apartment(*) shared in the Rome City Center
  • Subscription to Arts in Rome Association

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Subscription Membership Fee until January 15th, 2016
1.750 Euro

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