Pastel Workshop with Vicente Romero – from May 22th to June 1th 2016

Vicente Romero Workshop Slide
Transparents colors, warm colors and slashing colors of sunlight breaking through a house by the sea.
These are the pastels of [sg_popup id=”9″]Vincente Romero[/sg_popup]. Instinctive and romantic.

What we want to teach this course? The use of color in addition to the composition of the live drawing.
Romero’s paintings provide all a human figure in a well defined and detailed space. Perform a good composition is very difficult if you do not know the basic rules. Even more to add color later, then locate lights and shadows, choose the palette and mix colors together in a harmonious way.

Those who enroll in this course?

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10 days to live the Art of Rome with
Vincente Romero

Subscription before 31th Dec 2015


Whom wants to learn how to use color, those who knows it but wants to deepen the technique, those who want to learn the composition in a framework, those who want to learn to exaggerate the shadows and the lights and finally those who want to learn a technique fast but complete and effect as the Pastel.

The course takes place in Rome, Italy. Why?

Rome is a city that allows you to study art in toto simply visiting museums, galleries, ancient Rome and the most fantastic views with warm and intense colors typical of the Mediterranean zones.
Thanks to the cultural and historical richness of this city you will see firsthand the great works of great painters, sculptors and architects, understand their technique and put it into practice thanks to the Art Course.
We will make the visit to Rome interactive giving you the ability to play in the sketch we visit museums or the wonderful en-plein-air over the river Tiber and Villa Borghese.
The cultural activities will be organized by specialists, archaeologists and art historians, thanks to the Partnership with [sg_popup id=”2″]Flumen[/sg_popup]

How long does it last?

The duration is 10 days.
The Sunday, May 22th you get to Rome, from Monday to Saturday we study and visit Rome, Sunday rest, and from Monday to Tuesday, we continue with the course and Pastel Tour. Wednesday, 1 June is scheduled to leave.

  • Sunday: arrival and check-in at the apartment
  • Monday: Morning Colosseum & Roman Forum – Afternoon: Course of Art with Vincente
  • Tuesday: Morning “Squares and Fountains” Tour (Quirinale, Trevi Fountain, Piazza di Spagna and the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona) – Afternoon: Course of Art with Vincente
  • Wednesday: Morning Borghese Gallery – Afternoon: Course of Art with Vincente
  • Thursday: Morning Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel – Afternoon: Course of Art with Vincente
  • Friday: Morning Gallery of Modern Art – Afternoon: Course of Art with Vincente
  • Saturday: Morning Capitoline Museums and the Capitol – Afternoon: Course of Art with Vincente
  • Sunday: Clear Day
  • Monday: Morning Colosseum & Roman Forum – Afternoon: Course of Art with Vincente
  • Tuesday: Morning “Squares and Fountains” Tour – Afternoon: Course of Art with Vincente
  • Monday: Check-out and departure dall’appartemento
    (*) The program may be subject to change

arts in rome art workshop

Subscription Fees and What is included

The Subscription Fees is € 3.100 and the deadline is Jan 31th, 2016, including:

  • Intensive Art Course in the Studio in Rome Center
  • Tourist Guide 
  • Museums and Galleries fees
  • Apartment(*) shared in the Rome City Center
  • Subscription to Arts in Rome Association

Facility included

All necessary equipment for the course (brushes, colours, accessories etc.) and consumer products (paints, drawing and illustration papers and canvases, supports for the exercises, drawing materials, etc.) are available by the Association.

Number of participants:

The course is limited and a minimum number of 6 participants up to a maximum of 20.

The points summarized in this program are indicative and may vary from time to time depending on the speed of learning of the students and the time available.

Regular Registration Deadline January 31th 2016

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Subscription Membership Fee Deadline January 31th 2016
3.100 Euro

Subscription Membership Fee until December 31th 2015
2.800 Euro

Don’t miss this great event, register today!


Do not miss this opportunity to visit a wonderful city and learn the Art of Pastel with a great artist!


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