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General Conditions & FAQ

General Conditions

Our goal is organization and professionalism.

How can I book and pay? 

To book one of our Courses / Workshops  and Events one must first Associate with Arts in Rome by filling out the form on the Page MEMBERS . Within 24 hours you will receive an email with Login and Password, which will permit private access to the form and allow you to subscribe to what course/workshop/events, you want.

For Workshops:

If you are booking more than 4 weeks from the start of the workshop, you will be able to confirm your reservation by paying a deposit specified in the Subscription Form. Your booking is confirmed once this payment is received. The balance of the Course must be made no later than 1 month before the start of the Workshop otherwise the booked seat will be lost and the deposit paid. For bookings made less than 4 weeks before the start of the workshop, the full amount must be paid.

For Courses: 

You can reserve the place of the course you have chosen by paying the entire monthly payment in advance. In general, the courses are advertised 4 weeks before their start and are limited. The place is reserved once the payment is made. Booking emails or messages will not be considered. Once the course has started, the monthly payment must be within the First Lesson of the Month

What happens if I have to cancel my reservation for the course?

The monthly fee is not reimbursable in case of renunciation of the course, but the association will offer alternative solutions or will propose a good expense for other activities.

What happens if I cancel my reservation at the Workshop? 

Once paid and booked, your deposit is non-refundable; by deposit we mean what has been paid, which is usually  30% of the total amount of the Workshop. We recommend you take out comprehensive travel insurance for cancellation due to personal emergencies or choose Hotel / B & B that can reimburse entire amounts up to a few days prior to booking. An excellent service is given by AIRBNB, which in many cases returns the full amount paid for a reservation up to a week before the reservation’s scheduled date.

What happens if the course / workshop I booked is canceled?

We specify in the first place this has never happened, because we prefer to continue the course even with the minimum number of members. In the event that the course should cancel, the down payment will be fully refunded, reduced by bank charges, and in Euro currency.
If a teacher has to withdraw at the last minute due to illness, incapacity or circumstances beyond our control, we intend to replace them with a teacher of the same level and qualifications, and the Course / Workshop will continue!

Do I need to have painting experience to participate in a course?

The courses are structured annually, so enrolling in a course means that it is suitable for those with no experience of any kind. The II Level Courses are specified and inserted in the classes only after an interview and evaluation test. Our School provides for a maximum of 10 students per Course maintaining a high quality level and giving the possibility of teachers to customize the level of education at the level of each student. If in doubt, please send us an email [email protected] with any questions.

Scholastic, University and Certificate Credits

For the Annual Courses and Workshops we always issue Certificate of Attendance signed by the Cultural Association and the President of the Association. They are not released for the Quarterly.
Regarding the recognition of Credits by Schools and Public and / or Private Universities, the student must take precaution to ask the Institute for the “Credit Recognition Form,” which will be filled by the Cultural Association. In this case, for the practise to be successful, please provide the contact of the head of the institute that you would like to receive credit from. 

Recovery Lessons and suspension payments Courses

The Association provides for a recovery of

  • 3 lessons per course  annual 
  • 1 lesson for tri / semester courses

Lost for personal reasons and / or not of own responsibility (problems on public transport / strikes / traffic / etc ..). It will be possible to recover the absence within the current quarter. It is said that the lesson will be made to recover the same day with the same teacher, but of course we ensure the professionalism of all teachers of the school and of us organizers.

NOTE: As a result of 4 lessons lost in a row it will no longer be possible to enter the Course for educational purposes. You can choose other shorter courses such as the Quarterly, Semester or Workshop. It is not possible to skip whole months of the course.

As a result of absences greater than 10% in the annuity, the Certificate of Attendance will not be delivered.

What happens if a teacher does not show up in class? 

If a teacher is absent for personal reasons and the Association has not had the right notice, the lesson will still be held by the organizers as everything is regulated by a specific program. The organizers of Arts in Rome are Artists too, thus they are always updated on the programs of the courses. In the case of preventative absence, however, the possibility of moving the lesson or time to another day proposed by the Association according to the availability of the classroom and following a democratic vote will be asked in advance.


The Client accepts responsibility for the safety of the person at any time during the lessons and / or workshops. Arts in Rome assumes no responsibility for the security of Members.

This contract is governed by Italian law in every detail, including information and interpretation, and is considered to be made in Italy. Any proceeding arising from or in connection with this contract may be brought in any competent court in Italy.

I do not feel comfortable with a teacher / course, can I change?

Of course, it is possible to change the Course even if we always recommend to do it within the first month of beginning for didactic reasons. However, it will be advisable to speak in private with the organizers of Arts in Rome to find the most suitable course. The Association will take charge of the request and complete it with maximum discretion.


Not sure which course is right for you?

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