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  • I ask to be registered to the Cultural Association Arts in Rome, with registered office in Rome at Via Pasquale Villari, 1  
  • authorize, pursuant to art. 13 of Law 196/03 the processing of data provided to you solely for purposes strictly related to the execution of the request, that is, registration and membership and proper aims of the association such as organizing events. The information and data collected through the site will be used by the organization for the enrollment and membership management, newsletters and email information regarding their activities of the association, they will not be transferred to third parties. The organization is committed to compliance with legal standards for everything related to the confidentiality and security of the personal data.  
  • I confirm that I know and accept Statutory  
  • I confirm that I know ad accept the General Conditions
  • Disclaimer & nbsp; the Arts Association in Rome for any damage caused to his own person and / or to third parties during the performance of activities, IMPROPER use of the equipment and materials of the Association during the organized activities.  
  • RELEASE FOR PUBLICATION IMAGES AND VIDEO - Authorize also to the publication of photos and videos of person for educational use of the same information on social networks and on the appropriate websites interconnected with The installation and use of the images are to be considered in a completely free. The acceptance of the application and its admission is subject to the approval of the Governing Council of the cultural association "Arts in Rome" . By subscribing you declare that you want to become member of the Association "Arts in Rome" , to know and share the statute and its objectives, to comply with the internal regulations and decisions of governing bodies. The discussion of the Board of Directors for the approval of the member candidate takes place only after payment of annual dues. Minors may apply for admission as a member submitting the application form duly filled in (download here), signed and accompanied by a copy of the identity card of a parent.