Premio Arts in Rome

For artists who have significant creative potential, interesting ideas, a relevant message and skillful execution.
Not only figurative painting, imaginary figurative, portrait, narration, but also abstract, conceptual, informal and all contemporary expressions.
The competition is aimed at all artists of all ages and career paths, and from any country.
🟒Free Theme
🟒Deadline 30 April 2020
The first 10 selected works will participate in the exhibition which will take place as a Final Event in Rome by 2020 and which will serve for the evaluation by the Curatorial Committee for the assignment of the Final Prize for each section:
I. Figurative painting
II. Abstract painting
This Art Exhibition will bring many experts and professionals to the city, presenting an opportunity for visibility by influential personalities in the sector. Gallery owners, art consultants and art lovers will be invited. An inauguration reception will be held for the artists on display for an evening dedicated to the recognition of art and social contacts.
The Arts in Rome Cultural Association announces the third edition of the contemporary figurative and abstract pictorial art competition with the aim of promoting and enhancing art and giving artists of all ages the opportunity, as long as they are of age, genre and origin, to emerge.
Fundamental selection criteria will be the quality, originality and contemporaneity of the work. By originality we also mean the use of own and original references such as photos, images, etc … Any support can be used for the realization of the works (paper, cardboard, various metals, aluminum, copper, iron, wood, etc. .. provided they do not exceed 3 kg in weight). All painting techniques are admitted in general both for abstract and figurative except sculpture or photography.
The works admitted to the final phase must be accompanied by a frame, with hangers already attached, which do not exceed 10 cm in width with respect to the work itself; the works must be identified on the back with: title of the work, name and surname of the author, description of the technique, title and year of execution of the work;
The works must have net dimensions not exceeding 100 cm in width and 100 cm in height.

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