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Saverio Tenuta

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(Rome, May 14, 1969) is an Italian cartoonist.


Saverio Tenuta ProfileAfter obtaining graduating in painting at the Fine Art Academy in Rome, he started working as graphic designer and engraver as an advertising graphic.

He began working in comics in 1992, working with several publishers, including Cierre for King Arthur, Universe Publishing House for Intrepid, RCS, Phoenix and others. Phoenix come out with the first two important works, Cold Graze – Ice awakenings and Technological Nightmares of Saverio Tenuta.

The works of Saverio Tenuta arriving in the United States, with Dolls for Sirius, on texts by Lorenzo Bartoli, also released later in Italy and from which is drawn the book Dolls, published by Fanucci. Then also he collaborates with Event Comics.

From 2003 alternates its presence in the Italian newsstands (eg with a special Morrigan) dedicated to the US market works for DC Comics and the rivistaHeavy Metal.

In 2006 he started working with the French publisher Les Associés Homanoïdes, for which publishes La Légende des nuées Écarlates, in four volumes. The work is then translated into Italian (2 volumes, The Legend of scarlet clouds), German (4 volumes, Die Legende der scharlachroten Wolken), Spanish (4 volumes, La leyenda de las Nubes escarlatas) and in English (volume one, Legend of the Scarlet Blades). Holding it carefully texts and drawings.

In 2007 a story was published in the Mandala Japanese magazine published by Kodansha.

In 1995 he began teaching comics and drawing techniques in the field of schools and in 2010 forms the Daisho Studio, a studio where he took his students and develops new projects and comic illustration.