Study Rome Art History

It’s more than a simple Art Course, it is a journey in the time through Art

arts in rome eventFor years students go to Rome to Study Art, Sculpture, Painting, Architectures and Fine Art. We are immersed in. Its beauty can be seen in every corner, in every view. It is an open-air Museum and is full of Art Galleries which houses major sculptures and paintings dating back to the Ancient Roman Empire, throught to the Middle Ages, the Renaissance up to Contemporary Art. The goal of Arts in Rome is to armonize Art Workshops and Art History visiting in person Museums, Galleries and the Ancient Rome traveling through 2.000 years of history.

The goal of Arts in Rome is to harmonize Art Workshopstn_20160225_115241 and the Rome Art History giving you a deep knowledge of ArtsDuring the Master it will be devoted time to visit Museums & Galleries and also On-Site Lectures of Drawing. The students will be accompanied to historical and archaeological sites both by the Historian who will teach about its history, both by the Art Master who will plan lessons on site.

Arts in Rome relies on Licensed Guides who have regular permits to exert on Italian territory. They are professionals and in constant collaboration with our association to organize a guided tour based on the Fine Arts.

What we will visit?

Our guide will offer courses according to the Art Master but we offer some historic sites are the “MUST” and list them below:

Colosseum, Roman Forum, “Fountain” Tour, The Borghese Gallery and Vatican City. (click here for Gallery)

If you want to know more about other Palace, Galleries, and things to visit in Rome follow our Blog “Walking Around Rome” write by Gianluca Pica, an Historian Guide, who will tell you about a lot of other things…click here and enjoy our website!