What we do?


It’s more than a simple Art Course, it is a time journey through Art


The Cultural Arts Association in Rome is the creation of a cultural project strongly motivated by passion and love for art. The Association offers a guided tour service in Italian and English with the help of highly qualified specialists with proven experience and expertise in all areas of culture proposed. Finally it organizes and coordinates educational activities through cultural routes, laboratories, classrooms, educational trips for Students and Art Lovers. Arts in Rome is an association that organize Cultural Holiday in Rome, Italy. The goal of Arts in Rome is to harmonize Art Workshops and the Rome’s Tour giving you a deep knowledge of the Arts.

The Courses are opened to Art Students who want to learn a particular technique but also to Art Lovers who want to visit the Eternal City and experience it in its entirety or those who just want to learn to draw, paint, create, or approaching any pictorial art. No special skills required because we employ “Art Masters“.

For participating in all the initiatives and events promoted by Arts in Rome you must register and pay the annual fee. The membership card is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.The membership card is mandatory and must always be brought to below to take part in various activities. Entries can be made at any time of the year.


Why spend time in Rome, Italy?

Rome, having more than 2000 years of history, offers a lot to Art Lovers ; you can see and touch with your hands archaeological ruins or simply see painting masterpieces, frescoes, decorations, stained glasses, architectural compositions in person. For this reason sightseeing are always performed by an Historian Art and by an Art Teacher so that each of them can give you their professionalism and explain Rome and its Art in different keys. In addition there will be Sketches of Sculptures, Paintings at the Museum and learn the Art in the old fashioned-way. The courses are designed for both beginners and experts as we take advantage of valuable teachers from around the world with years of teaching experience.

For a complete organization we provide  Accomodations in Rome Center near the Atelier where the Art Course will be played. This scheme will give the chance to have a good organization staying very close to the Atelier and to the Apartment of Organizers and Art Teacher for any  eventuality. You can also create new friends from around the world and take home an unforgettable experience.


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